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Early 1:30 Dismissal
Thursday, March 5th
Today we received an email from a parent in the Naples School District with regard to our boys basketball game against their team ... please read ...

From: Elizabeth Clearman (Parent at Naples Central School)...

My son is on the JV team at Naples Central School, we were excited to cheer on the Varsity Boys at Bloomfield last night. As disappointed as I am that we were not the victors, what a game!!! The gentlemen on that floor,...all the gentlemen on that floor were a pleasure to watch. Maybe I have never seen a high school game with so much sportsmanship in the game or respect for the opposition. I was so enlightened, truly moved with the interaction between the teams Well played RCMCS! My son and other future athletes in the bleachers had to take notice. Good luck with the rest of the sectional games. Go Get 'Em
March Student of the Month
Tenth grader Arial Willis has been voted as the RCMCS Student of the Month for the month of March!
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